European Collection

German Thermofoil

Portuna SG 1001
Alabaster SG 1029
Tactio Oak Argento SG 1028
Tactio Oak Palomino SG 1032
Portuna Carmaval SG 1003
Texture White Wash WF47301
Driftwood 3 SG 1005
Rustic Weathered Oak SG 1035
Matte Morning Dew SG 1021
Matte Evening Star SG 1026
Oak Melinga Grey SG 1009
Matte Green SG 1034
Swiss Elm Dark SG 1015
Lausanne PB SG 1016
Amati SG 1017
Driftwood SG 1006
Chocalate Pear SG 1020
Aria SG 1004
Matte Grizzle Grey SK01036
Lausanne SG 1018
Portuna SG 1002
Oak Melinga Grey SG 1009
Beigewood KW 34106
Matte Navy Blue SK 01001
Matte Black KS50006-79PC
Classic Black RB 5013-91

PVC Thermofoil

White High Glossy SF10014
Matte White SF10014-91PC
Charcoal Hight Gloss SF70063
Charcoal Grey Gloss SF70052

Kitchen Cabinet Packages starting at $5,995 + installation

We use industry standard, high quality materials. Our cabinets are designed to last. It means that you are not going to need to replace them again and again, as you might if you bought lower quality cabinets. Remember, good quality kitchen cabinets can last a lifetime.